How To Enable Instagram Disabled Account – 100% Working

Instagram is the most used social media network all around the globe. It has been seen that people got addicted to this platform and kept browsing it from day to night. But it is also important to take a break from this addiction for spending your life. To assist users, Instagram has given the option to disable your account permanently. But many people search for how to enable an Instagram account before they do so.

how to enable instagram account

It is because they want to confirm whether they will be able to access their account with the same data and stats or not. Keep in mind that Instagram will keep your data safe in its database if you have deactivated your account temporarily. So, you can enable your Instagram account by following a specific method.

This blog aims to tell you all the steps that you have to follow and the conditions under which your account can be deactivated. You only have to read it with concentration to access your account back in all conditions after deactivation.

Why Instagram Account Can be Disabled?

First of all, it is important to know the reason why your Instagram has been deactivated or restricted. It will help you reactivation of your account quickly. Let us show you those reasons that can be at the back of the deactivation of the account.

how to recover instagram account

The most common reason is that you may need a break from social media to live your real life. For this, you can easily go to your settings and choose temporarily disable your account. In this case, all your data including shared photos, messages, and other activity on the platform will remain safe.

Another reason is that Instagram may have suspended or restricted your account due to a violation of their terms. If your account has been deactivated due to this, it will be hard to get it back with the same data as compared to the above problem. So, we recommend you take care of your account if it is special for you.

How to Enable an Instagram Account? Step-by-Step

Now, you have got an idea of two main reasons behind disabling your account. It is time to learn how to enable an Instagram account and what to consider while doing so. Let’s have a look at the following steps and instructions.

Things to Consider While Enabling an Instagram Account

Before you go for enabling your Instagram account, you should need to consider some factors. You can say that you have to look out and understand some instructions before you do so. Here are those things that you should keep in your mind.

  • You must have deactivated your account at least 24 hours before the attempt of reactivation.
  • Your account credentials should be in your mind or must be saved.
  • Instagram hasn’t deactivated your account due to a violation of the terms.

Steps to Enable Instagram Account

When you have got an eye on the above-mentioned tips, it is time to get your device and enable your Instagram account. You need to follow these steps in this regard.

  • Open the Instagram application or go to the Instagram website
  • Go to the Login page
  • Insert your username and password
  • Confirm the Login
  • Congrats! Your account has been enabled.

In short, you can say that you only have to log in to your account after 24 hours of deactivation of your account. You don’t need to perform any additional steps in addition to this unless you are asked by the application like Two-Step verification.

What Are The Conditions in Which The Above Method Doesn’t Work?

Till now, you must have understood how to enable an Instagram account. But there are some exceptional cases too in which you can’t reactivate your account. Do you want to know about those particular conditions? Here we have enlisted them with a brief overview of them.

Suspended Instagram Account

how to recover instagram disable account

If Instagram has suspended your account due to any problem like a violation of their terms, you can’t enable your account using the above method. The only way to get your account back in this regard is by sending an appeal form to the customer support of the platform.

In simple words, you have to fill out the form given by this social media channel and request them to allow you access to your account. They will share instructions to do so or inform you that it is not possible because of any particular reason mentioned there.

Instagram Account Deletion

how to enable instagram account

Unlike other platforms, Instagram offers complete control to users for their account management. It also allows them to delete their account permanently instead of temporarily disabling it. In such a condition, you will never be able to get your account back.

It is because this activity will delete your entire data from the Instagram database. So, you should be careful and think twice before you are going to delete your account as it will be an irreversible change.

Final Words

With the above discussion, you must have learned how to enable an Instagram account in different conditions. If you have disabled your account, you can follow the above steps to enable it. Keep in mind that you should take steps just according to the reasons why your account has been disabled.

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