Instagram Story Downloader

If you are using social media, you must have heard about Instagram and using its application. The main reason behind its great popularity is advanced features involvement as compared to other platforms. 

instagram story downloader

Instagram story is one of the advanced features that are introduced recently in this application. Do you know it is not possible to download stories from this platform? That is why you need to use an Instagram story downloader. Let us tell you about this feature and this tool in detail on this page with a working method to use it. 

What is Instagram Story?

It is a particular feature of this social media platform that enables you to post short videos. No doubt, you can share a video through your account. But it is not possible to get engagement because many people don’t explore the full wall of their account. 

instagram story

The Instagram story will enable you to appear in multiple user’s accounts in the top section. Whenever you will open the application, you will see some highlighted circles. All those circles belong to a particular account as well as have a specific Instagram story. 

In this section, you can share short videos of up to 30 seconds. It means that you have to split the video first if you want to post a lengthy video and create multiple Instagram stories. Abide by this, it is not possible to download someone’s Instagram story. 

It is possible that you are inspired by someone’s story and want to share it with others. In this regard, you will not find a way to do this using the official application’s features. With the help of an Instagram Story Downloader, you can easily accomplish this task. Keep reading to explore the information about this tool and its working. 

What is Instagram Story Downloader?

The Instagram story downloader tool enables users to download Instagram stories directly on their devices. Instagram story downloader has been designed with a particular interface and algorithm. 

instagram story downloader

This tool allows every single user to access a story and download it. In the ordinary application, you will get an option to share the story with others. This is the option that can help you to download Instagram video from the story of any account using this tool. 

Actually, you need a link to that story to download it. By using the share button, you can get the link copied to your device’s clipboard. Along with this, Instagram sends a notification to users whenever you will take a screenshot of the video or use a recorder. 

Instagram story downloader will be a safe option to go with because it will neither notify others nor harm your privacy. You only have to use this tool by following simple steps and downloading the story video on your device. All in all, this tool is the best pick for those who want to get stories from Instagram on their mobiles. 

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How Does This Tool Enable You to Download Instagram Stories?

The working of this tool is very complex at the backend. The reason is the tool has to bypass Instagram’s privacy limits and fetch data from its database. It is right to say that the algorithm of this tool is complex and not understandable for a layman. 

download instagram stories

But the tool has a simple interface from the front that makes it perfect for everyone. So, you don’t need to worry about this factor. Abide by this discussion, the tool has an algorithm that will work in the backend to fetch your desired video. 

The only thing that you have to make sure of is that the story is live when you are downloading it. In simple words, you should make sure that the story is available on the platform at the time of downloading. Keep in mind that the Instagram story will disappear after 24 hours of the posting.

So, you have to download it within this duration. If someone has deleted the story, it may not be available for download. But it is a special case in this type of downloading and you will be able to download a story with this tool in most cases. 


Free to Use

free to use

Our Instagram hd story downloader has been designed for every single user on the internet. We enable everyone to use this tool without investing even a single penny. You can download a video with this tool freely. 

It will enable you to get as many story videos as you want within a short time. Also, you should not have to pay for the subscription or any other resource that you are using on this platform. All in all, this tool is completely free for everyone without even verification of a single second.

No Advertisement 

no ads

Many tools are not worth using because you have to watch advertisements while using them. It is because many users avoid using those tools as it will be irritating for them. This Instagram story downloader has no advertisement banners or videos. 

You can use this tool freely without even wasting a single minute. The tool will not ask you to watch videos or ads to continue downloading. Your download will start just after tapping on the given button.

One-click Downloader

one click

Our designers have tried their best to make this tool accessible to everyone. You can use this tool even if you have just stepped on the internet. It has a single button without any verification or settings that can be used to download a story video. 

You only have to click on that button to start downloading the video and use it wherever you want. It will not ask you to verify that you are human or register your account. The process is simple because the tool has been designed on a one-click working method. 

Quick Processing 

quick processing

Another amazing feature of this tool that makes it a better choice is its quick processing. This tool will not ask you to wait for a specific time to start downloading. It will neither take enough time for fetching data from Instagram’s database nor ask you to wait there for starting the process. 

This Instagram high quality story downloader has been designed with a simple algorithm that has a fast processing feature. It will enable you to get a preview of the video within a single glimpse and start downloading just after clicking on the given button. In this regard, it is better than many other tools that are available on the internet with slow processing and unwanted ads.

Why Do You Need to Use This Story Downloader?

There can be multiple reasons behind downloading stories from Instagram. It may be because you want to keep track of videos of any of your concerned persons. Secondly, it might be possible that you are spying on your friends to make them fun at the end of the day. 

Thirdly, it is possible that you like a story and want to keep it for later usage on your device. Similarly, many other reasons can be at the back of this process. So, it all depends on your requirements and selection of why you need to download a story from Instagram using this tool. 

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How to Use This Story Downloader?

You can use this tool blindly because you don’t have to follow a complex process. To download a story, this is what you have to do on this page. 

  • Go to Instagram and copy the link to the story 
  • Browse this Instagram story downloader
  • Check for the link insertion box given at the top of the page 
  • Insert the link and click on the Download button 
  • Have a preview and confirm the download 
  • Wait for a few seconds to get your video on your device 
Steps For Instagram Story Downloader
Steps For Instagram Story Downloader

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, Instagram allows its users to upload stories on IG TV. It will help you to gain an audience for your videos through IG TV and direct search too. 

Yes, it is safe to use this tool because we have taken extra measures to make this platform secure. Your data or identity will not be compromised because we don’t ask for any verification.

No, this Instagram Story Downloader has been designed to be used without registration. You can use this tool without registering or providing any information. 

Yes, this tool is free for everyone without a subscription for even a single day or month. You can use this tool as many times as you want in a single day.